The first trailer for Netflix 's Resident Evil series has finally been released. The streaming giant is presenting several news at Geeked Week and Capcom's franchise, adapted for the service, had snippets of the plot shown there. The premiere will take place on July 14.

Umbrella corporation will change the world! Based on the horror franchise, Resident Evil and the T-Virus will arrive on Netflix on July 14th.

Netflix's Resident Evil narrative will show Billie and Jade, two young women new to the new Raccoon City, in the year 2022. As highlighted in the trailer above, the metropolis will collapse, and part of the story will take place in the year 2036.

Netflix's Resident Evil Will Have Eight Episodes:

Netflix's Resident Evil series will hit the streaming catalog with eight episodes at once. Each of the chapters will be about 1 hour long and the story, as noted above, will be divided into two parts/timelines.

In the first, Jade and Billie Wesker will move to Raccoon and somehow get involved with the corporation's secrets. In the second, set in 2036, the result of the catastrophe will be the focus.

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