Many movies have age restrictions, and audiences will be asked to provide relevant documents to testify before admission. Since there is no culture in the UK to carry an ID card when going out, most citizens will use a driver's license as an identification document, which makes young people without a driver's license often inconvenient because they forget to bring their ID card.

Therefore, the British start-up company Yoti launched an electronic ID card system, hoping to provide a new way of identification for young people without a driving license. Users simply download the Yoti app from the Apple App Store or Android Play, and scan their ID card into the app with a camera.

Yoti has reached an agreement with The UK Cinema Association, which covers more than 90% of local cinemas, to allow young people aged 13 or over to use Yoti's digital ID as proof of identity in cinemas of members of the association.

Teens can prove their age without an ID card by simply showing their age information in the Yoti app at the theater box office, or by having the staff scan their Yoti ID.

Phil Clapp, chief executive of the British Theatre Association, believes young people will be frustrated by being kicked out of theatres for failing to provide proof of identity, and even increase their friction with theatre staff.

Robin Tombs, CEO and co-founder of Yoti, expressed the hope that Yoti's e-ID card can provide a simple identification document for young people, describing Yoti as a win-win situation for both theaters and young audiences.

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