It is reported that Apple iPhone 14 / Pro and future Apple Watch will support satellite network connection for SOS distress / emergency text messages
Apple plans to bring satellite connectivity to the Apple Watch in the future, so that emergency text messages and SOS distress functions can be implemented directly on the wearer's wrist.

Bloomberg also reported today that satellite connectivity could be available as early as this year's iPhone 14 series. The satellite connection will allow the iPhone to send text messages to emergency contacts over the satellite network without having to go through the carrier.

According to the report, Apple's plan consists of two parts, allowing users to take advantage of satellite connections.

The first part, called "Send Emergency Messages via Contacts", lets users send short text messages to emergency services and contacts over satellite networks without cell phone coverage. The new agreement will appear as a grey bubble in the Messages app.

The second section will let users report crisis events, such as car crashes, boat crashes or plane crashes, to the appropriate authorities. According to a Bloomberg report last August.
“The second emergency feature is focused on letting users report a crisis. The phone will ask what kind of emergency has happened, such as whether it involves a car, boat, plane or fire.

The system can also capture more specific information, such as a person falling into the water or a ship sinking. It will ask users if they need search and rescue services, if suspicious behavior or weapons are involved, and if people have suffered trauma."
As expected, Bloomberg cautions that the feature will depend on local regulation and availability, adding that "such a design feature won't come to every country and region."

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