Switching between Android and iOS can be an extremely frustrating experience because of the difference between the two. However, there are also tools to help make things easier.

To switch to iOS from Android, users can use Apple's "Switch to iOS" utility, but on Android, it has to be done through many applications and intermediate cloud storage services, quite complex. To overcome this problem, recently Google has quietly released a dedicated tool called Switch to Android" on the App Store.

When started, the app will show a guide on the process new Android device owners need to follow. This includes backing up contacts, calendars, and photos on old devices (iPhone/iPad), and requires users to turn off iMessage before switching devices. It's basically an interactive checklist to get all your data off your iPhone and onto your new Android phone, though that doesn't include app data.

All data conversion tasks through Switch To Android will be done wirelessly, creating a connection from QR code and application of some other components such as Google account, Google Drive etc.. The most important thing is disable iMessage because without doing this, other iPhone users won't be able to send you SMS messages after switching to an Android device.

Previously, Google also released an application to help switch Android light in 2015, however, most operations have to be done manually and there are many limitations during use.

Although there are certain downsides, it is worth noting that Google has found a way to help users copy data from iCloud to Google Drive with 15GB of free storage.

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