NFTs are now more and more widely used. In addition to the release of works by artists, the Ukrainian government recently launched an official NFT collection series, the proceeds of which will be used to fund its military activities and civilians.

Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation recently launched a series of NFT collections called "Meta War History Museum", which will record the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine and become an "NFT museum", so it has historical significance.

These NFTs feature 54 artworks, illustrated by Ukrainian and international artists, and each NFT will also record a number of Tweets showing different angles of the war and international reactions.

The website of the Ukrainian Yuan War History Museum stated that each NFT work is simple and direct, recording official real news and illustrations by artists, and the NFT launch sequence will be carried out according to the time of the event, in order to preserve the real history.

And 100% of the proceeds will support its military and civilians through the Department of Digital Transformation.

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