Stephen Wilhite, who was credited for creating the GIF image format has passed away at the age of 74.
Stephen Wilhite, the man credited with creating this type of animation, the GIF format, has passed away at the age of 74. Wilhite's wife Kathleen has confirmed to the media that her husband has passed away because of this. Covid-19.

Stephen Wilhite worked for decades at CompuServe and while there led the team responsible for the GIF animation. At the time around 1987, GIFs were considered the ultimate way to create color images, much easier to download than existing formats.

Ms. Kathleen said: "He invented the GIF himself - he actually did it at home and brought it to work at work after he perfected it. He used to learn everything one by one. privately in my head and then go to town to program it on the computer."

Besides being famous as the inventor of this format, Wilhite is also noted for his thoughts on how to pronounce the word.

While most people decide to use the letter G to refer to images in the GIF format, Wilhite insists that it should be pronounced "jiff" and he reaffirmed this in his acceptance speech. Webby to remind people of this (The Webby Awards are awards for Internet excellence presented annually by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences).

Now that we use GIF images very commonly in all our work or entertainment, it is known as one of the best ways to communicate and express emotions and feelings online when you comment. or texting on Facebook, integrated on the smartphone's keyboard.

Although GIFs had some basic animation functionality, that feature was not successfully exploited, partly because the technology hadn't really evolved, until the 1990s when web browsers began to support it. this feature.

Friends, former colleagues and family have posted their memories with Stephen on a memorial page as a reminder of his contributions to changing the most important aspects of the modern Internet, beyond In addition, he has many accomplishments in a career that spans from operational user interfaces to “web chat software.”

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