Google's Cyber Threat Analysis Team (TAG) recently released a report saying that two North Korean hackers used a Chrome vulnerability to infiltrate U.S. financial technology companies and media organizations as early as January this year.

TAG said the North Korean hackers used a Chrome remote code execution vulnerability dubbed "CVE-2022-060" by researchers to attack media, domain name registrars, software vendors, web hosting, cryptocurrency and financial technology companies. There are 335 people.

The codenames for the hackers are "Operation Dream Job" and "Operation AppleJeus". They attacked with the same vulnerability. He sent fake job recruitment emails by pretending to be companies such as Disney, Google and Oracle.

When users entered the fake website, the hidden iframe of the website would take advantage of the vulnerability in Chrome and trigger the malware.

The Google Analytics team discovered the hack on February 10 and had until February 14 to patch and add the identified hacked sites to its Safe Browsing database, notifying all targeted users via Gmail.

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