Tesla’s in-vehicle system has a variety of games for car owners and passengers to pass the time while charging or parking. In the Model S Plaid delivery event held in the United States in June last year, Tesla once showed it to some VIP car owners.

The game controller is similar in shape, also rectangular in design, and printed with the Tesla logo. At that time, the controller was still in the prototype stage, and the official launch date has not been announced.

After the Model S Plaid delivery event, it has been more than half a year. Tesla has not shown the game controller in public, and has not disclosed relevant information.

Just as the outside world thought that the game controller project ended in no time, Tesla product design director Javier Verdura brought good news to car owners.

In response to a question from the YouTube channel The Kilowatts a few days ago, he confirmed for the first time that the game controller will be launched in the future.

But car owners don’t be too happy, because The Kilowatts only asked Verdura if they would be notified in advance when Tesla launched the game controller, and Verdura’s answer was "Yes!", but he did not actually disclose any controller related. Information, such as listing date, pricing, and sale arrangements.

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