Subaru launched the brand's first pure electric station wagon Solterra at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year. At the recent Tokyo Modified Car Exhibition, Subaru announced the new Solterra STI Concept. With the support of STI's kit, the exterior of Solterra looks It also looks more stylish.

The Solterra STI Concept is the same as the STI kits of other models. Its pink spoiler is embellished on the front chin, body side skirts, spoilers on both sides of the rear, etc.

The black roof spoiler with the words "STI" is quite Eye-catching; its black painted wheel frame also adopts STI trim panel for color jumping design, which makes the overall shape more vivid.

Although Subaru has not yet announced whether these kits will be mass-produced and sold, the Subaru Solterra, as a car model launched in November last year, is expected to be launched in Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and China after the middle of this year.

Fang is not necessarily in a hurry to bring these appearance kits to the market right away. However, Subaru fans who have a complex relationship with STI may wish to preview the appearance of the Solterra STI appearance kit now, and consider whether to start it in the future.

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