In 2021, in the context that the world is still "stretching" to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, we feel like time passes faster, because there are fewer outings, plans, or even work. also interrupted.

The interesting thing is that according to scientists - objectively - 2021 is actually a shorter year than usual, even the shortest ever , although this is difficult for anyone to perceive in a certain way. usually, common, normal.

Specifically, according to Graham Jones, lead researcher at TimeAndDate organization, the year 2021 is only about 65 milliseconds shorter than a normal year. The reason for this is that the speed at which the Earth is rotating is getting faster. (Note: 1000 milliseconds = 1 second ).

"Just a small change in Earth's rotation can make a day a fraction of a second longer or shorter than the standard 86,400 seconds," Jones said. "A new record has been recorded. 2021 is the shortest year."

The speed of the Earth's rotation is difficult to predict, because it depends on many factors. It is known that since the 1960s, scientists have measured the length of a day on Earth with atomic clocks, with an astonishing accuracy of up to 0.00000001 second.

Then, when atomic time was internationally accepted in 1967, atomic clocks showed about 100 times more stability than the solar year. During the past 30 years, atomic clocks have been improved over a million times, becoming extremely accurate measuring instruments.

Also thanks to atomic clocks, scientists know exactly when the length of a day deviates from the average. In general, they found that the Earth tends to slow down over a very long period of time, up to millions of years, and cause the years to gradually lengthen. However, 2021 is an exception, when the Earth's acceleration is already faster, making 2022 also come faster.

The short length of the year is also difficult to predict, because it depends on many factors such as geological features or eclipses, because it is also related to the Moon's orbit and the Moon's distance from the Earth, the motion of oceans, movement within the planet...

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