According to information from The Elec, Samsung has missed its target of smartphone shipments for 2021. There are several reasons for that result and one of these comes from the Galaxy S21 series.

Out of a total of 300 smartphones shipped in the past year, Samsung produced 240 million units on its own, with the rest being produced by outsourced manufacturing partners such as Wintech and Huaqin.

Among them, about 25 million devices come from the Galaxy S21 series. This number is equivalent to the Galaxy S20 series, although 2020 is considered to be more difficult.

Not to mention, the Galaxy S21 does not face any internal competition from the Galaxy Note when this smartphone series has no members in 2021. The previous Galaxy S generations all reached the number of shipments up to 35 – 40 million devices.

However, we cannot ignore other factors that contribute to the failure of Galaxy S21 series sales, such as the COVID-19 wave in Vietnam, which is Samsung's main production place , as well as global chip shortages.

The majority of Samsung's sales come from the mid-range Galaxy A and Galaxy M series. Interestingly, the source makes no mention of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lineups. According to other analyses, these products perform very well in their segment.

In 2022, Samsung plans to ship 334 million smartphones, with 285 million devices manufactured by Samsung itself, the rest will be delivered to manufacturing partners for hire.

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