During the last November and December of 2021, Apple iPhone was the best-selling smartphone in China with a market share of 23.6%, up from 22% the previous month. Vivo is the next manufacturer after Apple with 17.8% market share.

Apple's rise to the top in China is attributed to the popularity of the much-loved iPhone 13 series with improved photography features, longer battery life, and best of all, at a similar price point. equivalent to the iPhone 12 series.

November is also the month of "Singles Day" in China, similar to Black Friday in other countries. The country's popular e-commerce platform JD.com listed several current and older iPhone models in its top 10 list of daily sales on November 11 as "Singles Day" kicks off. into this year.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Apple's monthly sales in China from October to November increased by 15.5%. However, they also note that Apple's strong "show" in China is coming to an end, said Counterpoint analyst Ethan Qi, expecting Apple's sales in China to gradually decline to begin. from December or January. The reason is because Chinese iPhone users stop upgrading their devices running older iOS versions.

Besides, another reason for Apple's increase in sales is that the delivery time of iPhones in China has been much faster, from a 20-day waiting period in November to the iPhone 13 Pro model. that you ordered will now be available in less than a week, which indicates a larger supply of available iPhones.

However, despite the improvement in iPhone features available, some e-commerce sites in China are restricting consumers to buy a minimum of 2 iPhones for certain popular models.

In addition, Huawei is barred from accessing the US supply chain, which includes the company's top suppliers such as memory chip supplier Micron, software supplier Google, chipmaker Qualcomm and others.

Another reason is also one of the reasons for the high sales of Apple's iPhone line. When the US changed its export rules to block foundries using US technology from shipping chips to Huawei, the company struggled to find usable components.

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