Activision has in hand famous games such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Seriko...; and Blizzard holds World of Warcaft, Starcarf, Diablo... Moreover, the King studio behind Candy Crush also followed that to the Microsoft house.

It can be said that Microsoft will be like a "tiger with more wings" when last year they acquired ZeniMax. Since then, owning a series of famous studios such as Bethesda, id Software, Machine Games, Arkane,...

According to the information posted, Microsoft can pay up to 68.7 billion USD in cash. Once the transaction is complete, it will become the world's third-largest gaming company after Tencent and Sony, adding to its workforce of nearly 10,000 employees.

On its news blog, the company emphasized that “this acquisition will further expand their presence in all segments of the gaming industry (mobile, PC, console, cloud) along with strengthening its strategy. metaverse”.

Game Pass service with more than 25 million subscribers also after this deal has added many new games, becoming the most attractive cloud gaming service in the market.

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