EHang announced that Japan's air traffic digital platform company AirX Co., Ltd. ("AirX") has ordered 50 EH216 series autonomous aerial vehicles. This is EHang's largest pre-sale order in Japan so far.

Global Trends learned that the EH216 self-driving aircraft ordered by AirX is planned to be used in Japan's urban air transportation projects, and is expected to provide air taxi services for the 2025 Osaka-Kansai World Expo.

According to reports, as a helicopter service platform provider in Japan, the flight booking platform developed and operated by AirX has covered more than 100 helicopter sightseeing routes and private helicopter charter services.

AirX founder and CEO Tezuka Tezuka said: "The low-altitude travel and low-altitude tourism market has broad prospects. EH216 has the advantages of autonomous driving and cluster scheduling, and can provide customers with cost-effective air tour services."

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