Apple has suddenly risen to the number one position in the billion-people smartphone market. Apple's November sales growth increased by 46% over the previous month. In particular, the new iPhone 13 plays the role of "headquarters".

Research director Tarun Pathak commented: "Apple could have even had better growth if it weren't for the recent chip shortages, especially for the Pro versions. This achievement is due to Apple managing its supply chain better than other OEMs."

Looking at the chart above, it can also be seen that Huawei has plummeted without brakes since being sanctioned by the US. Apple's impressive growth rate also caused Vivo and Oppo to lose their market share.

"Due to supply issues, typical wait times for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are between four and five weeks in China," said Counterpoint analyst Varun Mishra. China chooses to pay a premium to get a new phone immediately. Although the Chinese market has slowed down throughout the year, Apple's growth offers a positive sign. that smartphone users in China tend to increase rapidly and are looking to buy higher-end devices, this could be a good opportunity for phone brands in general. are favoring higher-end devices with higher margins"

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