ZDNet reports, Singapore has previously announced two plans to promote the development of artificial intelligence AI technology, which can be used by financial service departments and government departments.

Today the official also announced that it will invest 180 million Singapore dollars for national-level research and innovation projects. These technologies will be used in healthcare, education and other fields.

The Singapore Smart Country and Digital Government Office (SNDGO) said in a statement that the fund is based on the government's 500 million SGD and will invest in research that can solve challenging artificial intelligence problems.

In addition, these funds will also promote cooperation between artificial intelligence and industry to promote the application of technology.

Global Trends is informed that Singapore’s previous artificial intelligence plan is part of Singapore’s national artificial intelligence strategy, and the government plans to promote digital transformation.

SNDGO said that by using artificial intelligence more in government agencies, it can better make policy and plan, provide more personalized services, and respond quickly to benefit citizens and businesses.

Singaporean government officials gave examples of the application of artificial intelligence in the public sector.

The government CIO office and GovTech have jointly developed a video analysis system that can count real-time population density data in gardens, parks, and nature reserves.

In addition, artificial intelligence technology is also expected to be used in areas such as urban planning.

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