Nasa is planning to build a nuclear reactor on the Moon in the next 10 years. According to Vice, the agency has proposed a nuclear power plant to provide energy for exploration activities on the Moon.

Last Friday, Nasa raised the idea of designing a qualified nuclear fission system to power Artemis Plan's lunar surface exploration.

It's a lunar exploration program with the goal of bringing humans back here by 2024. From mastering the construction of a human base on the Moon, it will be a springboard to preparing to build a base on the stars. Fire.

The NASA base located on the Moon will provide the energy needed to operate the glider, conduct experiments with the aim of creating water and other resources, supporting life for astronauts.

Nasa will sign a contract worth 5 million USD to any company that can complete this idea. The last application deadline is February 2022. According to NASA, they want the nuclear plant on the Moon to be ready for operation in 10 years.

Nuclear fission — the process by which atoms split, releasing energy from breaking the bonds that hold nuclei together — was the energy source of choice for this project, it must be able to generates 40 kilowatts of electricity, enough to sustain 30 households in continuous use for 10 years.

According to NASA, nuclear fission systems can operate around the clock without depending on the sun. In addition, they are compact and extremely efficient.

"Enjoyed energy will be key to future space exploration," said Jim Reuter, deputy administrator of Nasa's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. I hope nuclear power systems will be of great benefit to our plans on the Moon, Mars, and even operations on Earth."

The project will be managed by Nasa's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. Competing design firms develop their initial concept over a 12-month period following application submission.

Creating a power source on the Moon will move the agency closer to establishing a permanent human presence by the end of the decade. This is a huge leap forward for the long-term goal of sending people to Mars.

The curators of Artemis Plan said: “We need to spend several years in the orbit and surface of the Moon before we begin our extended human mission to Mars. The sooner we get to the Moon, the sooner American astronauts will be on Mars.”

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