According to the analyst’s disclosure, Wedbush still believes that Apple’s release of self-driving cars is a question of when, not whether, and added that the company’s entry into the car market can bring about $30 per share for Apple’s growth story. The total can handle the market.

On the timetable, Ives believes that Apple will have a 60% to 65% chance of launching its own independent car before 2025.

In the past seven years, we have seen Apple’s car ambitions go through many twists and turns. Ives wrote that in the lobby of Cupertino known as the Titan project, it was finally larger than the original scale a few years ago.

It has shrunk greatly, and now seems to be the center of the radar screen to discuss the unveiling of the Apple Car in 2025.

The analyst continues to believe that Apple will announce some type of electric vehicle strategic cooperation in 2022, because this cooperation will be the "first step taken by the Cupertino giant".

"We would rather see Apple's cooperation on the road of electric vehicles," Instead of starting to build your own vehicle/factory, because this involves profit margins and financial models, plus the strategic product risks surrounding such a huge effort.

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