Many people may think that electric vehicles are a new technology and should be more popular with young car owners. Recently, a market research company conducted a survey on the UK market, but overturned the above-mentioned erroneous impression.

NTT Data, which specializes in the automotive market, interviewed 2,000 Britons earlier and asked them their opinions on purchasing new energy vehicles such as electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The outside world has always thought that young car owners are more willing to buy electric cars, but the research report found that only 35% of British respondents between the ages of 18 and 25 plan to switch to electric cars. On the contrary, 57% of respondents over 55 plan to switch to Electric car.

Income is also a factor that affects respondents’ purchase of electric vehicles. For respondents with an annual income of more than 60,000 pounds, 58% plan to purchase new energy vehicles, with an annual income of less than 30,000 pounds of the respondents, the purchase intention fell to 34%.

The study also found that diesel vehicles are becoming less and less popular in the UK. Only 13% of respondents will buy diesel vehicles when they change their cars next time, while 64% of owners who are using diesel vehicles plan to switch to new energy vehicles.

The analysis pointed out that although consumers have the idea of replacing new energy vehicles, the high car prices constitute an obstacle for young people or low-income people.

To attract young people to buy electric cars, car manufacturers should not only introduce low-priced cars, but also consider diversified purchase methods to make these consumers more affordable.

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