A few days ago, distributor Saber Interactive and developers iLLOGIKA and EP1T0ME jointly announced that they are developing the "A Quiet Place" movie game of the same name.

It is understood that this game is a role-playing horror adventure game that will provide original stories and gameplay. The official website is currently online , indicating that it will be on sale in 2022.

This game is developed by the Montreal-based iLLOGIKA studio, which has senior developers of the "Rainbow Six" and "Far Cry" series. The publisher is Saber Interactive, and his representative works include "Zombie World War" and the upcoming "Ghost: The Game".

The horror movie "A Quiet Place" was released in 2018. It tells the story of a family who took the two surviving children to the countryside to avoid monsters. They communicated with sign language and spent their days cautiously.

Synopsis: Humans are threatened by mysterious creatures. These creatures will act according to the voice of their prey, so people must be silent in their lives, otherwise they will be hunted down by mysterious creatures.

The little girl walks slowly towards the cross at the bridge head. Although the mysterious creatures have not yet appeared, the ubiquitous scratches have shown their terrifyingness.

In order to survive, the family had to cover the road with fine sand, walk cautiously barefoot, and keep absolutely quiet during games. Even prayer and communication can only rely on sign language.

Despite this, mysterious creatures still follow, and the silent world is full of suffocating and unpredictable murderous opportunities.

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