Although Netflix can't reach viewers directly in China, nor does any unit in China have the rights to broadcast Squid Game, the themes revolved around horror games, battles for survival. like Hunger Games, has been trending on every major Chinese social media platform in the past few weeks.

Accordingly, Netflix globally released all 9 episodes of the first season of Squid Game on September 17, but the violent, nudity, and sensitive images make it difficult for the film to pass the checkpoint. Chinese browser.

Many Chinese small-screen audiences are used to hunting for unreleased content, so many viewers have turned to countless “piracy” websites and file-sharing services to watch the content. episodes on Netflix with Chinese subtitles.

As reported by Yonhap News, Jang Ha-sung, South Korea's ambassador to China, complained during a parliamentary meeting in Seoul that the Squid Game was being streamed on more than 60 pirated websites in China.

Jang said he has asked the local government to intervene in the matter. On Weibo, posts and comments with the hashtag #SquidGame have garnered nearly 2 billion views as of October 7. Earlier this month, the hashtag became the fifth-ranked topic on Weibo's popular search engine list.

“'The squid game' is becoming a craze. But the content and images of the movie will never pass the strict requirements of the Chinese censor," wrote one Weibo user. “So I would like to thank the other users who shared the information, so I was able to watch the show.”

In addition to illegal streaming sites, Chinese viewers have also been able to download files from various repositories such as Baidu WangPan, through Internet search links and through the BitTorrent file sharing protocol. .

According to data from the link, Squid Game recorded an average of more than 30,000 users downloading and sharing every day - from September 18 to October 5.

Squid Game is the most downloaded TV show in China as well as in several other regions, including Hong Kong. Squid Game's massive popularity comes despite Beijing's recent efforts to remove any unlicensed and uncensored content, especially if it is deemed to be privately inappropriate. ideological, unhealthy or violent.

Even officially released shows and movies in the country may be subject to requests from censors to cut non-conforming content.

China has long been known for saying no to bloody foreign films

While Netflix releases Squid Game with traditional and simplified Chinese subtitles, many shows that are blocked in China are often used by translators to contribute their own subtitles to the internet. The most famous of these groups is Renren Yingshi, who runs and has tens of millions of followers around the world.

In February, Shanghai police arrested a small organization for alleged piracy that officials said had worked with Renren Yinshi. Police have detained 14 people on suspicion of piracy of more than 20,000 Chinese and international movies and TV shows.

The raid sparked a wave of controversy on the Chinese Internet, prompting many to turn to alternative websites to continue accessing unapproved foreign content and programs.

Even official shows produced specifically for the domestic market can be sanctioned. Last month, Chinese authorities removed the popular Japanese children's program Ultraman Tiga from many video platforms, citing violent content. It led to widespread controversy among fans about the country's censors being too harsh.

In response, China's National Radio and Television Administration issued a statement saying that content providers should "resolutely resist evil schemes" and only broadcast "cartoons with healthy content"., upholding truth, goodness and beauty". Television stations should not show cartoons with violent, gore, or pornographic content. Many episodes of Ultraman Tiga have since returned to streaming platforms.

With Squid Game, this is not a cartoon and cannot exceed the standards that Chinese censors can accept. 9 episodes about 456 debtors locked on an island, where they participate in a series of games for children but full of horror and death. The prize for the winner is about $38 million in cash.

Throughout the game, several rich, decadent tycoons bet on players as if they were modern day gladiators. Like the typical battle royale genre, the losers will either die in the game or be executed at the end of each round.

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