The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said today that a new model of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) was launched from the same submarine that participated in the test of an old SLBM model in 2016.

Photos released by KCNA show the new SLBM model is smaller than the old one and may be the model that was not shown at a defense exhibition in Pyongyang last week.

The smaller SLBM means the submarine can hold more missiles, although the range will be shorter. This will also push North Korea closer to commissioning a ballistic missile submarine (SSB).

KCNA said that the new SLBM is equipped with a modern guidance control technology system, including "the ability to move around and accelerate during the reentry phase".

"The new SLBM will make a great contribution to bringing North Korea's defense technology to the next level and strengthening the navy's undersea operating capability," according to KCNA.

The statement from KCNA came a day after South Korea's military said North Korea had launched a short-range missile believed to be an SLBM from off the east coast.

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