According to The Verge, Netflix said on Monday local time that the company’s popular TV series "Squid Game" has become its best ever release.

The company’s Netflix Geeked account posted on Twitter on Monday that 111 million global accounts watched the survival thriller directed by Huang Donghe in the first 17 days after the service was launched.

In addition, the spokesperson told The Verge that "Squid Game" was the first Netflix series to exceed 100 million in the 28 days before service. Netflix usually uses a 28-day window to measure the performance of a work on its platform.

The spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the number it shared was based on the number of accounts that watched the show for at least two minutes, which is its standard index for ranking works.

Since its debut on Netflix on September 17, "Squid Game" has reached the number one position in streaming services in 94 countries. A spokesperson for the company said that the show ranks first among streaming services in 94 countries.

In addition, the play has ranked first in the United States for 21 consecutive days, breaking the record for non-English language works.

Previously, "Squid Game" had been announced as the first Korean work to be ranked number one in the United States.

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