No more traffic jam! The world's first jet-driven flying motorcycle is on sale: flying at an altitude of 15,000 feet + the fastest speed of 250km/hour
Does anyone remember Jetpack Aviation's launch of the JB-9 wingless jetpack in 2015? In addition to wingless jetpacks, JPA has been deeply researching flying technology, including flying motorcycles that allow people to fly into the sky. And recently, the world's first jet-driven flying motorcycle "Speeder" finally appeared in front of the world.

JPA officially released the world's first jet-driven flying motorcycle product "Speeder", and called it "the ultimate form of personal mobile vehicles." In fact, as early as 2019, JPA announced the Speeder concept. It has been refined and improved in recent years. It has only completed its first flight recently. After passing the test, it will use a smaller frame and carbon fiber body panel, and fly again without a tether.

It is reported that Speeder has a rigorous and precise shell and is equipped with VTOL (vertical take- off and landing ) technology , so both take-off and landing only need a parking space. Through JPA's self-developed onboard software, it can ensure the stability of the motorcycle flight, which can be stable in the air like a helicopter.

Speeder has a built-in autonomous management system that allows first-time pilots of flying motorcycles and inexperienced consumers to boldly ride motorcycles to take off. The biggest goal of its technology is to ensure safety. Speeder weighs 300 pounds (approximately 136 kg) and can carry users twice heavier than a locomotive. It can carry up to approximately 270 kg and can seat two people .

The Speeder body is equipped with 4 turbojet engines, which are dispersed throughout the body, which can monitor and adjust the thrust at any time. It is reported that the final production version may have 8 engines. Unlike jetpacks, Speeder burned a lot of preparation work. As long as you step on the motorcycle, sit on the motorcycle in a nearly prone position, hold the control handle with both hands, and you can drive.

There is a 12-inch screen in the middle of the two control levers of Speeder, and a built-in two-way aviation radio system can check navigation, altitude, speed, fuel, battery, safety and other information. Speeder can fly up to 15,000 feet and produce 1,200 pounds of maximum thrust.

This time JPA has launched two versions of flying motorcycles. One is the Military Speeder , which requires a pilot license and can fly at 250km per hour and takes about 35 minutes. The other is the Civilian Speeder (Recreational Speede). No flight license is required, as long as you receive training in JPA company, the flight speed is 60km per hour, and you can fly for 15 minutes.

In addition, the civilian leisure version is the first ever personal flying motorcycle with turbo-powered and fully stable vertical take-off and landing. The military-commercial version is more versatile. It can not only transport cargo and supply items between ships, but also be used as an emergency rescue tool, such as quickly sending patients to hospitals and evacuating people. This is more speed and cost advantage than the helicopter show, but it's easier to land.

It is worth noting that Speeder originally used jet fuel, diesel or kerosene as power, but recently stated that all jet flying motorcycles will not cause fuel pollution, so it reached an agreement with Prometheus Fuels to use 100% zero net carbon fuel. As for the price, the civilian casual version is priced at as high as US$380,000, while the military commercial version is undetermined. Speeder will be available in 2023 and is available for pre-order now.

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