The current generation of iPhone 13 will sell its chargers separately as the iPhone 12 last year. Before the official launch of the iPhone 13, the Brazilian consumer protection regulator Procon-SP has stated that it will investigate Apple’s sales decision again. Samsung with the charger also received a notification.

This is the second year that Procon-SP has launched this investigation against Apple. Beginning last year, Apple sold the iPhone 12 and chargers separately on the grounds of environmental protection.

In October 2020, Procon-SP questioned Apple’s failure to demonstrate the environmental benefits of this sales model. The charger’s equipment and unfair terms” fined Apple 2 million U.S. dollars.

This year, the iPhone 13 did not change the sales strategy of last year. It continued to sell mobile phones and chargers separately, so Procon-SP said it would investigate Apple again.

Procon-SP executive director Fernando Capez said in an interview with TechTudo that it is illegal to sell mobile phones and chargers separately. He believes that "you can only use that charger device to charge", so "customers are obliged to buy two products."

Brazil’s FTC stated that mobile phone vendors should widely inform customers of changes in their products. Fernando Capez stated that "if the information is hidden, it is also illegal." Even though Apple has stated on the official website that the iPhone 13 will not come with a charger, Capez believes that this is not enough.

Currently, he is studying a class action lawsuit to help anyone who thinks Apple should provide their customers with chargers for free.

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