While 5G construction is in full swing around the world, research on 6G communication technology is also in full swing.

In order to catch up with the global technology trend, India has recently requested the state-owned telecommunications research and development organization Center for Information and Communication Development (C-DoT) to start researching 6G and other future technologies.

However, It is reported that in addition to requiring C-DoT to study 6G technology, a quantum communication laboratory will be established.

C-DoT said in a statement that the Indian Minister of Telecommunications emphasized that C-DoT should pay close attention to emerging technologies in the market. He asked the organization to start researching 6G technology and set up a quantum communication laboratory to keep up with global market trends.

Currently, HUAWEI, Samsung, LG and other companies have begun to study 6G technology. The data shows that the performance of mobile communication networks will be increased by 10 to 100 times every generation, and the performance of 6G will also be increased by 10 to 100 times on the basis of 5G.

Regarding the commercialization time, HUAWEI stated at this year's Global Analyst Conference that 6G will be introduced to the market around 2030.

In addition, South Korea also previously announced a five-year national project, which will invest a total of 220 billion won in the research and development of 6G technology in the next five years.

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