Earlier this year, Samsung launched a QLED smart TV remote control. This remote control is special and can use indoor light, outdoor light or USB for charging. The solar technology used in the device has also attracted the attention of many consumers. Earlier, bloggers discussed whether this solar technology is suitable for other low-power devices. Recently, Samsung gave the answer.

According to a report from LetsGoDigital, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced on September 16 a patent application submitted by Samsung as early as 2019. The title of the patent is "Electronic Device Composed of Various Types of Solar Cells" and it has 22 pages.

The patent describes a Samsung Galaxy Watch with a solar strap. Two solar cells are placed in the strap on both sides of the watch case. And in the product rendering made by LetsGoDigital, you can see that the position of the solar cell has a honeycomb structure, but you can't see it in real products.

It is worth mentioning that the patent does not specify the efficiency of the system, but according to speculation, Samsung's idea is to place solar cells on both sides of the watch case, no matter how you wear the watch, you can collect enough sunlight.

Samsung hopes to use a polymer with quantum dots to change the light path and use several solar cells that can perform photoelectric conversion. The solar cell captures the light passing through the polymer and then converts the light into electricity. Even if their power is not enough to fully power them, they can also play a role in providing auxiliary power.

Although Samsung has not stated that the patent will definitely come true, Samsung already has sufficient experience in the field of solar energy technology and the application of quantum dots. Perhaps in the near future, a Galaxy smartwatch that can be powered by solar energy will appear in us. In front of.

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