The "deadly" combination of robots and weapons has been concretized on a fighting machine recently. A dog robot with a sniper rifle has just been introduced at a US military event in Washington, DC recently. A futuristic weapon of war.

Two American defense companies decided to mount a sniper rifle on a robotic dog, and market it as the future of war. SWORD International & Ghost Robotics posted a photo of a robotic dog with a sniper rifle mounted at a US military event in Washington, DC.

The manufacturer Ghost Robotics also introduced a robot model called Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles or Q-UGV. According to the company's website, the four-legged machine is made to be "unstoppable".

SWORD International & Ghost Robotics has equipped the robot with a specialized sniper rifle called the SPUR. It is specially designed for "unmanned platform". The rifle itself can shoot as far as 1,200 meters and is equipped with sensors for both day and night conditions.

However, the image has raised concerns that companies are paving the way for a new robotic nightmare. One Internet user shared: “You want Skynet? Because this is how you get Skynet.”

Others fear corporations and governments will be able to use armed robots instead of humans. One Twitter user put the point: "We have created a soulless hardware to oppress people and when billionaires seem to be afraid for their ill-gotten gains."

However, currently the robot still has to operate with the help of the operator. According to SWORD, the main advantage of combat robots is that a soldier can control the robot and shoot snipers from a distance. This is important because it can help preserve numbers and limit casualties.

It is not clear whether this robot dog will carry a sniper rifle outside on the battlefield. The two companies have yet to respond to requests for comment. But Ghost Robotics' website says it is working with companies in the US defense industry. So it may just be a matter of time before this weaponized robotic dog shows up on the battlefield.

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