Earlier, it was reported that spy photos of the electric car developed by Foxconn were circulating on the Internet, and now we finally have news of the new car.

Chinese media recently reported that Foxconn’s electric car will be released on October 18th, and as many as three models will be announced in one go, one of which is believed to belong to the C-Segment four-door coupe.

Foxconn released the new car vision and video through the official social platform, the video clearly shows the word FOXTRON on the front of the car. It is pointed out that this is the brand that Foxconn electric vehicles will use and it was named "Honghua Advanced" for the Chinese.

Although Foxconn has a wealth of experience in the foundry of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, their electric vehicle production will be handled by the joint venture of its parent company Hon Hai Group and Taiwanese car manufacturer Yulon Motors. Yulon also owns its own car brand Luxgen.

The news refers to the three Foxconn electric cars, one of which is a four-door coupe of medium and large size, with the body style integrated with sports car elements, and the other two are SUVs and single-deck buses.

Like mainstream electric vehicles on the market, Foxconn will provide electric vehicles with OTA updates and different levels of autonomous driving assistance functions.

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