Growing power shortages in some parts of China have left many households in the dark, and forced factories to close production, further aggravating the economic damage.

China has implemented a policy of rotating power cuts at peak hours since last week, but residents of many cities, including Changchun, said the blackouts happened early and lasted long.The Guardian, residents in northeastern China, where temperatures are gradually dropping as autumn enters, have reflected on unusual power outages in recent times. Many people had to take to social media to urge authorities to restore the power supply.

China has implemented a policy of rotating power cuts at peak hours since last week, but residents of many cities, including Changchun, said the blackouts happened earlier and lasted longer.

China's energy crisis - due to tight coal supplies and increasingly stringent emissions standards - has hurt manufacturing in industries in some regions, threatening already strained global supply chains.

Some manufacturers are facing chip shortages, shipping disruptions and other lingering effects of global travel and commerce shutdowns in response to the pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic.

In the northeast of the country, factories have had to shut down to avoid exceeding electricity consumption limits imposed by Beijing. Economists and environmental groups say manufacturers have used up this year's electricity consumption quotas faster than planned, as export demand rebounded because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to China National Television (CCTV), in the city of Liaoyang, 23 people were hospitalized with gas poisoning when the ventilation system in a metal foundry factory stopped working after a power outage. The halt in production at some factories has also raised concerns about possible shortages of goods before Christmas, including smartphones and components.

Apple component supplier Eson Precision Engineering said on September 26 that it would suspend production at its factory in Kunshan, west of Shanghai, until July 29 in accordance with an "energy restriction policy." of local government”. But Eson said the power cut would not have a significant impact on its production. Meanwhile, Apple has not responded to a request for comment on the possible impact on iPhone supply.

Power shortages also have a big impact on households as nighttime temperatures drop to near-freezing levels in China's northernmost cities. The National Energy Administration has asked coal and natural gas companies to make sure they have enough energy to keep people warm during the winter.

The province of Liaoning said electricity production had fallen significantly since July, while the supply gap had widened to "severe levels". This left industrial companies and residential areas facing increased power cuts last week.

The city of Ho Lo Dao has asked people not to use energy-consuming electronic devices such as water heaters and microwave ovens during peak hours. A resident of Harbin city in Heilongjiang province said many shopping malls have also closed earlier than usual. Some stores are forced to operate by candlelight for fear of increasing economic damage.

The tightening of electricity consumption is also causing the Chinese stock market to weaken in the context of the world's second-largest economy showing signs of recession. China's economy is grappling with constraints in the property and technology sectors as well as concerns around the future of Chinese property giant Evergrande.

China has announced it will cut its energy intensity by about 3% by 2021 to meet its climate targets. Local governments have also stepped up enforcement of emissions curbs in recent months, after only 10 of the 30 provinces in mainland China met their energy targets in the first half of the year.

The power squeeze has also hit manufacturers in key industrial hubs on the east and south coasts for weeks. At least 15 Chinese companies said their production was disrupted due to the power cut, while more than 30 Taiwanese-listed companies operating in China had to shut down operations to comply with the restrictions. electricity limit.

In addition, the consequences of power shortages have led some analysts to downgrade China's economic growth outlook for 2021, and also warn of the possibility of a global supply shortage for other sectors. textiles, toys and machine parts

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