Although there have been negative news about Tesla recently on the Internet, this has not affected Tesla's market sales performance.

Just after the National Day holiday, the Chinese car sales data released by the Federation of Passengers shows that Tesla China once again broke the 40,000-level market performance in August and created a new record of 56006 vehicles, a 27% increase from the previous month and a year-on-year increase of 394%.

It is worth mentioning that 52,153 of these 56006 new cars were delivered to local Chinese car owners, and the domestic monthly sales with the same ring length exceeded 300%.

Among them, 33,033 Model Y vehicles were sold in China, not only in the field of new energy, but also in the fuel vehicle market, it has become a major model that cannot be underestimated.

As of September, Tesla's cumulative sales in China in 2021 have exceeded 300,000 vehicles. Among them, domestic sales alone have exceeded 200,000 vehicles, and export models have also exceeded 100,000, which are widely praised by consumers in many countries.

The dazzling performance of the product layout of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory in the domestic and international two-way supply not only shows Tesla's outstanding product strength and unique brand charm, but also injects lasting vitality into my country's new energy automobile industry.

According to data from the Passenger Association, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in August has increased to 17.8%, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles from January to August has also increased to a level of nearly 11%, which means that every 10 vehicles sold One is a new energy vehicle.

Unlike many brands that calculate sales by order volume, Tesla delivered 56006 cars in September, which is equivalent to handing over a car to customers every 46 seconds. With such a delivery speed, there are still many orders waiting in line.

Tesla, which has continued to rise in market performance and consumer reputation, has undoubtedly become the leader of new energy vehicles in the past 10 years, and has become the rule maker of the industry with technological innovation that breaks the norm.

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