Guo Mingchi: Apple's AR/MR headset mass production time may be postponed to the end of the fourth quarter of 2022
Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Guo stated in the latest report released today that Apple’s industrial design standards for AR/MR head-mounted display devices are much higher than those of competitors’ products, and they want to have them at the time of launch.

Complete software, ecology and services, so the mass production time may be postponed from 2Q22 to the end of 4Q22, and the supply chain revenue and profitable supply will be more significant in 2023.

Guo Mingchi said that AR/MR head-mounted display devices have far higher requirements for industrial design than mobile phones.

The reason is that the comfort of wearing involves too many design details. Therefore, we believe that Apple is still testing the best industrial design so far. plan.

Guo Mingchi also said that he is looking forward to the long-term trend of head-mounted display devices. We believe that head-mounted display devices will drive the next wave of user interface revolution, just like the multi-touch on the iPhone.

Head-mounted display devices will support diversified applications (productivity, social interaction, communication, multimedia and games, etc.), and will replace some consumer electronic products equipped with screens in the long run.

Among all head-mounted display device brand manufacturers, Apple is the company most capable of developing and promoting diversified applications.

Therefore, the delay in the mass production of Apple's AR/MR head-mounted display device means that it will take longer to establish a market consensus that the head-mounted display device can provide diversified applications.

According to Global Trends, Guo Mingchi also stated that the most noteworthy new head-mounted display device in 1H22 is Sony’s PS5 VR device. Since the main application is games (the same as existing VR devices), investment will be made within 6-12 months.

People still use game demand as a basis for judging investment in the hardware supply chain of head-mounted display devices.

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