According to recent reports, there will be another postponement after the Mercedes-AMG One supercar has been postponed many times. But it is finally coming.

Autocar first reported on Thursday that AMG One will arrive in the middle of 2022, and the brand confirmed to Roadshow that production will start next year.

The power system of this super sports car comes from the Mercedes-AMG Formula One car, and its development task is quite arduous.

Since it is a 1000-horsepower engine that is only used on the track, preparing the power system for street and legal use obviously requires many challenges.

This includes the fact that this engine has to idle at around 5000rpm. The engineers needed the 1.6L turbocharged V6 hybrid to spin at around 1200rpm. According to the report, this was a huge challenge for the project engineers.

After four years of problem solving, the production of 275 vehicles of the car is about to begin. Of course, they are all sold out. For those lucky customers, they can finally get it in four years.

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