Fano Motors released a pure electric supercar that broke the 100th in 1.8 seconds, with a maximum cruising range of 800km
Yesterday FARNOVA launched its pure electric supercar HYPER EV, named Othello, with a length, width and height of 4670/2082/1135mm, a wheelbase of 2670mm, and ground clearance. 110mm.

According to official data, this car adopts a front and rear dual-motor design, has an acceleration time of 1.8 seconds from 100 kilometers, a high power of 1350kW, a maximum torque of 12000N·m, a maximum speed of 420km/h, a 75 kWh battery pack, and a cruising range of 800km (Unknown operating conditions).

According to the official announcement, the car uses carbon fiber composite materials, which increases its battery life by 30% compared to similar new energy vehicles.

In addition, this model uses a new power technology-ironless permanent magnet nano motor. The motor is different from the radial magnetic field of the traditional motor, and adopts the axial magnetic field structure, which makes the motor smaller in size and higher in power.


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