Volkswagen will mass produce ID.5 GTX electric vehicles before the end of the year: dual-motor four-wheel drive, dynamic shape
According to report from Aroged, Volkswagen has confirmed that it will launch ID.5 GTX electric vehicles within this year and will start mass production this year. At present, photos of the car have been made public, showing a dynamic hatchback shape.

This car will be Volkswagen's first purely electric SUV-shaped coupe, which is more dynamic than the current ID.4. The body is relatively large and the center of gravity is relatively low, which is expected to provide good grip performance.

The car is equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system, and the motor power can reach 220kW, which is about 295 horsepower.

In terms of batteries, the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX will have a 77kWh lithium battery pack with a cruising range of 497 kilometers, but its 100-kilometer acceleration performance is unknown.

Global Trends understands that Volkswagen is expected to start production of this car in September this year, and is expected to be officially released in Europe in November, but the official has not stated whether the model will be launched in the United States or other countries and regions at the same time.

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