The Internet is inseparable from our lives, and the requirements for Internet speed are increasing day by day. Japan recently broke the record for the highest internet speed, reaching 319Tb per second. This technological breakthrough will be very useful for future next-generation network development.

The Japanese government's Information and Communication Research Institute (NICT) recently successfully increased the network speed to 319Tbps in its laboratory test, which is nearly double the previous record of 179Tbps achieved by the British and Japanese teams.

To achieve this speed, they used a fiber optic cable with four cores, combined with a rare earth signal intensifier and a 552-channel multi-wavelength laser transmitter, to simulate data transmission up to 3,000 kilometers, and there was no signal quality or speed in the middle. decline.

Of course, this speed can only be achieved in the laboratory at present, and it will take a long time to actually apply in the infrastructure.

However, this experiment will become part of NICT's "beyond 5G" technology development, and the network is expected to be gradually improved in the future. quality.

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