Flying cars may be unattainable high-tech for many people, as if they only appear in science fiction movies and novels. But now the flying car is finally realized in the real world!

A prototype flying car combining a sports car and an airplane successfully flew a 35-minute test flight between the international airports of Bratislava and Nitra. Transforming an airplane from a car in just 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

It is reported that this flying car uses a BMW engine , and it can travel on the road and fly in the air only with ordinary gasoline from a general gas station.

Dr. Wright, a senior researcher in avionics and aircraft at the University of the West of England, described the flying car as a combination of the Bugatti Veyron and the Cesna 172.

It only takes about 2 minutes from the transformation of the car to the plane. When not flying, the flying car will retract its wings and will not affect road driving.

It is worth noting that this flying car does not use a new energy route, but uses gasoline to start the flying car. Professor Klein, who created this flying car, said that the car can fly about 1000km at an altitude of 2500 meters , and the current flying hours have reached 40 hours.

This flying car can reach a speed of 170km per hour , can carry two people, and has a total load capacity of 200kg. However, unlike drones, this flying car cannot take off and land vertically, just like an airplane.

It must have a runway to fly. Crane Vision, the company that launched this flying car, stated that the development of this flying car took only about two years and the investment amount was less than 2 million euros.

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