Bitcoin mining turns lake water into ``hot spring'', Seneca Lake mine operates around the clock, causing controversy
Recently, a group of people living near Seneca Lake in northern New York complained that a mining company opened a mine by the lake.

The long Bitcoin mining process caused the lake to heat up rapidly, in addition to causing damage to the ecology of the lake. In addition, it also caused a lot of trouble to the local residents.

According to foreign media reports, this Bitcoin mining farm draws 139 million gallons of water and discharges 134 million gallons of water from the lake every day.

The temperature of the drainage reaches 42.2 degrees Celsius in winter and about 30 degrees Celsius in summer. According to local residents, since a mining farm was opened nearby, the lake here has become very warm, and it feels like swimming in a hot pool.

This Bitcoin mining farm is owned by a private company called Atlas Holdings and operated by Greenidge Generation LLC, which specializes in mining projects for Bitcoin.

It is understood that there are at least 8,000 computers in the Greenidge factory and will continue to operate 24 hours a day, and the operator has corrected its plan to expand the scale of mining.

Seneca Lake is located in upstate New York and is mainly used for boating, autonomous driving, swimming and other leisure activities.

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