Windows 11 upgrade content exposed: It is expected to be pushed to users in the fourth quarter of this year, and Win10 users can upgrade for free
A few days ago, Microsoft announced that it will hold a press conference on June 24, when the next generation of Windows system will be announced, which may be called Windows 11 or Windows+.

Judging from the currently leaked news, the system codes currently being developed by Windows are Sun Valley and Cobalt, and it is speculated that one of them will be the real Win11.

Among them, Sun Valley will bring a new start menu, operation center, task bar, context menu, pop-up window and other UI, visual style adjustments and large-scale scheduler updates.

Because Intel Alder Lake adopts a hybrid architecture, the current Win10 has not been optimized, so it will have better multitasking performance on "Win11", optimize thread scheduling, save resources and increase overall speed.

However, the scale of "Win11" is not expected to be pushed to users until the fourth quarter of this year. The good news is that Win10 users will be able to upgrade for free.

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