The star of the action series seems to really want his new home to be on the planet Pandora.
Vin Diesel is a name familiar to the mass audience through the Fast and Furious series of action and speed films. The public is enjoying the 9th movie and it is expected that the series is about to close at the 10th part (it can be divided into two episodes like the way it was done at the end of Harry Potter).

According to Comicbook, Vin Diesel is particularly interested in participating in the Avatar series, which is also another popular movie franchise.

Currently, Avatar is completing the first sequel after more than a decade of causing a 3D craze, which is planned to last up to 5 parts. In a recent interview with MTV News, Vin Diesel repeatedly revealed his participation in Avatar.

"Me and him [James Cameron] have talked, but so far we have not filmed any scenes," Vin Diesel revealed to fans. "I love James Cameron. I love the Avatar series. I think it's okay to say that the two will work together soon." The open-ended statement shows that it is possible for projects that have been implemented, he could not participate in filming in time, but in the future, it is possible.

With Avatar having up to 5 parts, if Vin Diesel's film plan has enough space, we can see him appear in part 4 or 5. Or it could be another project of the talented director.

In fact, in 2019 there was a rumor that Vin Diesel would play a sequel to Avatar 2, after he posted a video on his personal Instagram revealing he was on the set with James Cameron.

Returning to James Cameron, he is putting all his heart into the project of part 2 and 3. Avatar 2 has the participation of Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Lang,... and many other actors from part 1.

Director James Cameron once shared that he wanted this film to be more open to the world on the planet Pandora, so that the audience could better understand the people and creatures here.

Avatar 2 is scheduled to premiere on December 16, 2022. Then there will be parts 3 (December 20, 2024), 4 (December 18, 2026), and 5 (December 22, 2028), which means that every two years the public can enjoy a new movie.

Parts 2 and 3 were filmed at the same time and have closed, now entering post-production and editing. Both of these Avatar parts use a Sony CineAlta VENICE camcorder, recording in 3D.

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