U.S. Recruitment Network: Employees concentrate on speculating coins and don’t work. More than 21.2 million people in the U.S. have cryptocurrencies
The United States recently released the latest non-agricultural data, but it fell far short of expectations. In response to this, the CEO of CareerBuilder, a US recruitment website, Novoselsky, said that the unexpected employment data was actually related to cryptocurrency. When it appeared, people were "speculating currency" and no longer wanted to work full-time.

The May non-agricultural data in the United States added 559,000 jobs, which is less than the expected increase of 675,000 jobs, because economists believe that with the economic recovery, employment data should gradually return to before the epidemic.

But Novoselsky, the CEO of CareerBuilder, explained this. He pointed out that it was not a lack of job opportunities, but an oversupply of jobs, because people were busy shortening their working hours and no longer even wanted to find full-time jobs. Instead, they invested time and thoughts on encryption. Concentrate on "coin speculation" in the currency market.

Although Bitcoin's price fluctuates greatly and has high investment risks, it is still difficult to stop the enthusiasm of investors.

According to the latest data, the number of people participating in Bitcoin investment in the United States is growing rapidly, and there are currently approximately 21.2 million Americans owning cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, Novoselsky also added that the trend of the job market is not only affected by cryptocurrency transactions. Other factors such as the incomplete reinstatement of certain industries on the market will also make the employment data not as expected, but it is becoming more and more prosperous and popular.

The cryptocurrency market transactions will undoubtedly bring a new impact on the existing employment environment.

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