There are more and more rumors of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE recently, and various details are gradually exposed. South Korea’s "Korean Herald" stated that the retail price of this phone is between 700,000 won and 800,000 won (approximately 2,601-2,973 yuan excluding tax), which is much cheaper than the S20 FE 899,800 that was launched last year.

As we all know, Samsung's "FE/Fan Edition" is a positioning product similar to the "semi-flagship". It has a flagship phone's functional design while greatly reducing the price.

Last year, the "Galaxy S20 FE" version of the S series was released for the first time. It is very popular in North America and Southeast Asia. The global sales volume reached 2 million units within one month of its launch.

Judging from the previously exposed renderings, the three lenses on the back of the machine are more prominent. The rear module design is similar to but not completely similar to Galaxy S21.

Simply put, the frame of the machine is slightly protruding, and there is an abrupt edge between the side frame, and the Galaxy S21 adopts the "Contour Cut" design, the side frame and the lens are perfectly connected, so the Galaxy S21 is more refined.

Judging from the previous news, it is expected that the machine will use a 6.4-inch perforated screen with a size between Galaxy S21 (6.2-inch) and plus (6.7-inch).

It is expected to be equipped with 6GB and 8GB storage and 128GB and 256GB storage. Snapdragon 888 processor supports 25W fast charge. Of course, this is still online news, and everything has yet to be officially announced.

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