Research institution: 26% of US TV users’ time is spent watching streaming services
The latest data from research firm Nielsen shows that most Americans are still spending their screen time watching the Internet and cable TV, but streaming media is becoming more popular.

The Nielsen Company, known for measuring television usage in the United States, said on Thursday that 64% of TV users' time is spent on the Internet and cable TV, and 26% of their time is spent on streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The other 8% are classified as “other”, including video-on-demand, cable set-top box streaming and other TV services such as playing games and watching DVDs.

Nevertheless, the share of streaming media is still growing rapidly. According to the New York Times, about 20% of TV watching time last year was spent on streaming media. The report believes that by the end of this year, this proportion may reach 33%.

In this regard, Nielsen did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As consumers gradually move away from traditional pay TV and many people look for other forms of entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming media companies continue to gain a dominant position.

In 2020, nearly 7 million American households may give up traditional pay TV services, setting a record high. At the same time, a Deloitte survey in April showed that the average American has paid for four video streaming services.

Data shows that so far, Netflix and Google's YouTube have successfully become the winners of the streaming war, and both companies accounted for 6% of the total broadcast time. Disney's Hulu followed closely with 3%, Amazon Prime Video got 2%, and Disney+ got 1%.

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