Owning its own SuperCharger charging network has always been a major selling point of the electric vehicle brand Tesla. At present, the car factory has installed more than 25,000 charging points around the world.

Some of the V2 charging points have a charging power of 120 to 150kW, and the top V3 charging pile also provides 250kW, and the charging speed alone is better than many competitors.

It seems that Tesla is not satisfied with the 250kW charging power. At the Model S Plaid car delivery party last week, CEO Elon Musk revealed that it will continue to increase the output power of the charging pile from the current maximum of 250kW to 280kW, 300kW and the ultimate goal of 350kW.

Unfortunately, Musk did not further explain whether 350kW can be achieved by upgrading the current V3 charging pile, or whether it will be provided when the next generation V4 charging pile is installed, and he has not given a launch timetable.

The battery voltage of the latest Tesla Model S already supports 450V, which means that it supports a higher charging power than the old version, and can quickly charge for 15 minutes to get a range of about 300 kilometers.

Elon Musk's statement about 350kW charging power has actually been heard as early as the announcement of Cybertruck in 2019. At that time, it was said that this electric Pickup would support a faster charging speed than the 250kW V3 charging pile.

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