Recently, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Guo pointed out that Apple will launch an AR head-mounted display in the second quarter of next year.
Recently, the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out in the latest forecast report that Apple will launch the first AR head-mounted display in the second quarter of next year.

The price of this device is estimated to be approximately $1,000. Bloomberg hinted that prices may be higher. The device will provide both VR and AR experience, so it uses Micro-OLED and is equipped with up to 15 optical camera lenses.

It is reported that this device will use eye-tracking technology and a total of 15 internal and external lenses, of which 8 lenses will be used to provide an AR experience of image perspective, 6 will be used to provide innovative biometric functions, and the last 1 will be used For environmental detection.

According to Guo Mingchi, thanks to the innovative experience of VR games and multimedia entertainment, AR head-mounted display shipments will have a significant growth of about 100% since 2021.

9to5Mac said that if Apple launches an AR head-mounted display, or it is related to Apple Glasses, it may become the prototype of Apple Glasses.

However, the official has not yet confirmed the news, so it has yet to be officially announced before it can be confirmed.

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