Win11 appeared so unexpectedly, the first impression I saw was a bit of Apple macOS.

Although I have seen it in Win10X, the centered icon still feels like and hate when it is actually installed in Win11. Countless people used the modification tool to change the dock bar similar to macOS, and now the official gave it. However, this also loses the advantage of the Windows classic mouse blind spot in the lower left corner.

But fortunately, Microsoft gave users the opportunity to choose, one-click to the left , and the familiar taste is back.

In addition to the centering of the taskbar icon, Win11 has introduced many exaggerated rounded corner designs , which are more thorough than the changes in Win10 now.

Even the control panel of the grandfathers learned to be well-behaved in Win11.

Turning to look at the MacBook on the side, except for the window button in the upper left corner, the app can no longer distinguish you from me. Sure enough, the design is the same by different routes, and iOS and Android silently praised them.

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