EA officially announced the "Battlefield 2042" a few days ago, the game will be released on October 23, support Chinese dubbing.

Today, EA announced the first live demonstration video of "Battlefield 2042" at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2021 conference. From the real machine demonstration, you can see modern weapons, vehicles, buildings, scenes of major maps, and extreme weather.

Global Trends learned that "Battlefield 2042" is a first-person shooter game, this game will lead players back to the iconic full-scale war in the series. Step into the near-future world unrecognizable due to disorder, adapt to and conquer the ever-changing battlefield with the help of teammates and cutting-edge weapons.

"Battlefield 2042" supports 128 players and launches 7 major maps , bringing an unprecedented global battlefield. Players can participate in fully upgraded multiplayer modes such as conquests and breakthroughs, as well as ultra-large-scale gaming experiences such as new dangerous zones.

"Battlefield 2042" will land on PS5, XSX/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin) platforms on October 23. There is no single player mode or "chicken eating" gameplay for this game.

Currently "Battlefield 2042" has been put on the Steam store, supporting simplified Chinese and Mandarin dubbing. The standard version is 248 yuan, the gold version is 418 yuan, and the ultimate version is 498 yuan.

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