According to data released by the Ministry of Health of India on the 5th, India has a total of 20,665,148 confirmed cases and 382,315 newly confirmed cases in a single day. This number has exceeded 300,000 for 14 consecutive days.

According to a report released by the WHO on the 5th, last week, 46% of the new confirmed cases and 25% of the new deaths in the world came from India. The WHO said that the pandemic in India has spread to the surrounding area.

India has become the second country in the world with more than 20 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia after the United States. However, many experts worry that the actual number of infections in India may be higher, perhaps 5-10 times the official data.

WHO Chief Scientist Swaminathan has previously warned that the number of new crown tests in India is seriously insufficient, and the number of confirmed cases and deaths counted may be "seriously underestimated."

Although India has opened up the new corona vaccine to adults across the country, the plan has not been carried out as scheduled because of the insufficient number of vaccines. India is actually the number one producer of the new corona vaccine, accounting for about 60% of the global supply, but basically it has flowed to Western developed countries.

There are reports that says India has planned to suspend exports of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines and transfer them to the country first.

As of now, only about 9% of India’s 1.4 billion people have received at least one dose of the new corona vaccine.

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