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The Stock God "Warren Buffett" Revealed That His Successor May Be Vice Chairman Abel

Buffett revealed that his successor may be Vice Chairman Abel: He is called a great person

Monday, 3 May 2021

/ by Ella Rose
Warren Buffett, known as the "stock god," his successor has always attracted attention from the outside world. After all, the old man is 91 years old.

In a recent interview with the media, Buffett said that if he stepped down, Greg Abel, vice chairman of Berkshire's non-insurance business, may be his successor.

Buffett said that the board agreed that if anything happens to the 90-year-old CEO, Abel, now 58, will take over, and age is a key factor in deciding who is selected. Abel has always been regarded as the most likely candidate to succeed Buffett, and Buffett has repeatedly called him a great figure.

Buffett has been secretive about who will take over, but it has broadly explained to investors that Berkshire has developed a detailed plan. Ajit Jain, the vice chairman of the insurance business, is often praised by Buffett, and the 69-year-old is often regarded as a potential successor.

At the 2021 Buffett shareholder meeting, when asked how to evaluate Bitcoin, Buffett directly refused to discuss this topic, while Munger said that I hate the success of Bitcoin and I don’t like this virtual currency kidnapping our existing currency. system. Bitcoin is like a financial product born out of thin air. I am not satisfied with this. I think this is contrary to the development of our civilization.

When asked why he did not buy Apple stock but sold it in 2020, Buffett said that the current shareholding ratio of 5.3% for Apple is already very high, which is a market safety level, and the market value of his holdings is already far. More than other stocks. However, he also said that selling some Apple shares last year "may be a mistake."

In addition, Buffett once again expressed his love for Apple: "Apple is an extraordinary company. They have excellent management. Their products are also loved by all the people around the world, and they also have loyal fans around the world."

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