Recent rumor claims that the Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Flip 3 by August this year, it is reported to be 30% price lower than its predecessor...
At present, there are not many brands of foldable smartphones on the market. Samsung is considered to be the one with the most years of launch and models.

However, the price of Galaxy foldable phones is usually over $2,000, and not all consumers are willing to try it out. A few days ago, a whistleblower said that the price of Samsung's next-generation folding machine may be lowered, hoping to make the folding machine further into the mainstream.

According to the Twitter post of the whistleblower @FrontTron, the model of Galaxy Z Flip 3 is SM-F711N, which is expected to be priced between $999 to $1,09 and will be released on August 3.

Last year, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G folding machine launched in August was priced at about $2,000 when it was listed in Hong Kong.

If @FrontTron's statement is true, the price of the new machine will be reduced by more than 30% compared with the previous generation.

@FrontTron has not disclosed the reason for the price reduction of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 compared to the previous generation.

It is unknown whether the new opportunity adopts the high-end specifications of the previous generation, or whether it is switched to a mid-range configuration, which results in room for a price reduction.

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